J. Russell Wilson, the owner and president of Westbend Construction Corp., began his building career in Salisbury, NC in 1978. Mr. Wilson is personally involved with each of his projects on a daily basis. He only considers a few projects each year, so that he may give his full attention to each customer. Westbend has used the same team of subcontractors and artisans for many years. This allows your project to move smoothly to completion, on time and in budget.


With 45 plus years in the building business, we bring our experience to each project. This helps us assess what you would like to build, understand your project's requirements, and produce the highest quality construction for the dollars spent. Our goal is to have a long-term relationship with you on completion of your project.


We believe in keeping our job sites clean at all times. A clean, neat, and organized job site promotes clean and neat work. A clean job site is a great working environment. Westbend Construction strictly enforces it’s safety policy, as everyone benefits from a safe working environment. The next subcontractor in line appreciates a clean and safe site.

Cost Analysis

Before we begin to build, we examine every single detail of your project and present a line-by-line, in-depth cost analysis. This gives you complete information about costs for materials, labor and contract labor on your project. Once construction begins, this same cost analysis is used as the basis for our draw structure for your lender. This way, the lender knows exactly what work has been performed and what money is being requested.

Time Analysis

All of our projects have a timeline established prior to construction. This timeline shows when each item and phase of the project needs to be started and when each has to be completed to keep the job on track. This critical path is valuable in that it shows at a glance what has to happen to have the contract close on time. We keep this plan conspicuously displayed in our site office so that everyone see quickly and easily each step of the building process well in advance.